How to introduce a Pop of Pink to your bed room

Introducing a splash of colour can be a little however very efficient way of bringing personality to your bed room. If you take pleasure in the soft and sophisticated look of fresh white cotton, yet desire a smattering of colour too, then we recommend bringing in some pink!

Pastel pink is a calming colour and produces an outstanding feng shui, working well with other light colours such as beige, grey and tan. Have a look at our Twilight throw and cushion ranges to see high quality pink cotton bed linen.

Pink Pops

Our very first idea is to keep in mind that a ‘pop’ of colour is precisely what it states it is; not the dominant colour within a room but a subtle tip or a small drop of colour emerging from locations in your bedroom where they are prominent, yet not overbearing. This result will slowly bring delicate bursts of pink and develop consistency and a style to your room.

Pink Petals

You might likewise try bringing in plants with pink petals– this could be a Peace Lily or a Begonia. Don’t forget that it you’re not known for your green fingers, there are great deals of premium synthetic plants readily available that merely need cleansing occasionally. Additionally, you might use an evergreen plant with a soft pink vase or plant pot.

Pink Portraits

Another way to add pink to your space is to hang a piece of pink-featured art above your bed. This will make it the focal point and doesn’t draw too much obvious attention to colour.

Pink Pouffes

If you like the concept of turning old into brand-new once again, why not get an old buffet, pouffe or dressing table chair reupholstered in beautiful pink? This is typically less expensive than buying brand-new and is an excellent way of up-cycling your existing bed room items.

Pink Points-of-interest

Other ornaments like clocks, lampshades and image frames can also work well. The main suggestion with including any kind of colour is don’t over do it. Excessive pink and your room will look over-whelmed with colour. Keep it well balanced and subtle for a more boutique hotel chic design.

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